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Welcome to MeLovePink.com. I'm The Tickled Pink Mom. I'm coming to you from Southern California.  I'm a happily married busy mom of a toddler, an adoptee, metastatic breast cancer survivor, foodie, traveler and cat mom: who could not make it in this world without the love of my God and the power of prayer. I've been a Webpreneur Mom since 2002. Having FUN online creating magic, giving, sharing, celebrating and insiring others all over the world. I want to thank you for shopping my website, it's greatly appreciated.

Your order from my website helps make a difference. As a metastatic breast cancer survivor who spent my 2017 doing Chemo, Radiation and Surgery for my Cancer (thanks to good Dr's and Drugs had a complete response to Chemo.) The goal now is see my daughter grow up. I have HOPE and I want others to have that chance as well. Cancer is scary and life changing. I'm on a mission to give back what was given to me. I want others to have the same success and win this breast cancer battle. So the way you can help is by ordering anything from my website, I give away 50% of everything I make to help the fight against breast cancer and breast cancer research. Please look around my website, share this website, shop online from this website and you will help me with this cause and get an amazing product delivered to your home as a reminder of the gift you gave. Thank you so much for helping me reach this goal. Shop www.ThePinkMom.com. Our products make great gifts for all occasions. As you search my website The Pink Mom, be sure to check out the Glimmer Candle kits (they are located under the Shimmering Lights category.) Make custom candles for party favors, for weddings, birthdays, holidays, and for other special events.

Stay in touch so you don't miss a single thing. Help us share, celebrate, inspire. Visit my social hangouts to follow my pages at Facebook.com/MeLovePinkOnline and Twitter.com/MeLovePink1. Together we can hopefully help make a difference. It's a great feeling knowing someone's day can be changed for the better by kindness and giving. What goes around comes back around. Thanks for helping make life just a little better and brighter. Take care. Make it a great day peeps. Life is good. God is good. To shop go to

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We offer scented sprinkles that you put in warmers to scent your home. We offer many great scents along with unique fun warmers and shades to help bring style to your home while you enjoy the fragrance from our sprinkles floating around the room.



This is Peach Gelato. It's described as "a sweet, ripe peaches fresh from the vine used to make a refreshing gelato - peach perfection!" This is my February Club scent that was shipped to me this month. It will be available for you to order in March from ThePinkMom.com

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Your order helps me give back to breast cancer research.







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